Commercial Doors - Pro Tuff

The Pro-Tuff commercial door will enhance the appearance of any door opening. The combination of advanced polymers and engineering makes the Pro Tuff industrial door attractive enough to be used in the home or office but is designed and is rugged enough to stand up to heavy industrial traffic in restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses and in any customer oriented environment. Click here for Pro Tuff Commercial door Larger Image

If you are looking for a restaurant swinging kitchen door, swinging cafe door or saloon swinging door, we have the commercial kitchen door available in many colors. Excellent choice for entrances to back of the house openings where customers and clients can see. Purchase Now

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Commercial and Industrial Door - Pro Tuff Features

• High Impact Resistance
• Rhino texture
• Bullnose edge
• Humidity and Moisture UV Stabilized
• UV Resistant
• Corrosion Resistant Material
• Optional Flush Kick plates of high impact stainless steel

Commercial Door - Pro Tuff Specifications

• Industrial Polymer
• Solid Panel with a Bullnose
• 3/16 Polycarbonate window set in black moldings mounted with ultra high urethane frame
• Structural Panel Gauge: .400"
• Stainless Devices: Cam Fasteners, Shaft Bearing, Screws, Nuts, Hinges, Etc.
• Reinforced Steel Spine Full Length
• Ductile Steel Jamb Guard